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My friendster
Music Player Jewel
Age: 18
Birthday: 14.11.1989
Hobbies: Ice-Skating/Shopping

[[ The Wishlist ]]

Lv Coin Pouch That i Lost it
Lv waist Pouch (1k+)
Gucci Waist Pouch ($600+)
Gucci Bag (1.7k)
Lv Wallet
Lv KeyPouch
BurBerry Belt
Smile if you're Gay T Shirt AndyLaogong
Sony TouchScreen Camera
BurBerry Polo T
Leopard spot skinny ($280)
Black Bebe T-Shirt
Agnes b T-Shirt GaryKor
Gold Bell Chain That i Lost it
LV coin pounch
Guess bag
N-lvl with good grades
Ayumi DVD "A best-WHITE"
Ayumi DVD "A best-BLACK"
Gucci handphone strip
LapTop for school use
new top man shirts
a red Jeans
a white jeans
Gucci Envy Me
go out with roy daddy alone
Diva vodka
Bouquet of rose
Ayumi Glitter/Fated
someone whom love/pamper/dote me
Roy daddy& Tony baobei don quarrel
Tony baobei wouldnt leave me
[[People Who I HaTe]]

Hate Liars
Hate Backstabber
Hate people talk big but cannot do it..
Hate bomber man
Hate people who break Promises
Hate people who like to act.. "actionpapaya"
Hate People who scold Other's gays
Hate people act close to mi..
but at the back say alot thin..
know who u are la hor

[[People Who I Like]]


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Mi Name Terry.Chee aka
this year 18
Love Ice skater and shoppin
And Jus Cant Stoppin Lovin
: Jasley Mummy
: Eva JieJie
: Andy XiaoLaogong
: Imran BearBear
: Tony didi
: Roy Daddy
: Nicole jiejie
: Sadness korkor
: shanling meimei
: Da Gary Kor
: Miyake

Love U Guys 4Eva.. Muackx


All My Friend de link




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P.E P.E~
Today went school just for P.E
so happy yeah

my i-touch is 3/4 done~

i finally get to go P.E for like the 1st time in year 2008

something funny happen today
another class of student that i totally never see before de
then they keep lookin "us"
so i tot that they are lookin at fabian
and i shouted, he is a gal~ =D
in the end those gal turn to me ask me what is my name.
i'm shocked and i run away
went for 1.5m run
then go back to hall
have to go by those gals again -.-ll

keep askin me what is my name
so i say my name terry
and they asked, "are you really gay?"
so i answered "yes"
then they say omg. so sad, why gay. wasted etc etc
TMD. scary siia

after P.E
went to gal toilet to bath

Linyan de leg

and our Sexy fabian bathing
me and bell went to unlock his toilet door
he donno about this picture~

went back home play maple
this whole week i everyday stay at home siia
i think i'm crazy le

I Miss ZhuZhu So Much =(
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yesterday woke up at 1.30pm
told andrea mei that before 4 we have to reach fareast de mine's salon
in the end kelvin reach le
me and andrea at 5pm then reach

a new hairstyle for her =D

we settled our dinner in the salon too
So bored la
noel darling
brian sister
and ben zhu all come find us
and kelvin dye his hair + cut
noel also cut
chanel too busy le
from 5 till 11 he never stop working
so me and brian hao xin.
help him

then wanted to watch movie de
in the end all full
too bad
slack lor
and i saw jasley mummy at cine
follow by cheryl jie too
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so bored. nothing better to do



and after

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we woke up early.
meet in town for a walk
plan for the day

it was also a day for us to do a make over for andrea~

eye lash


ear ring

and her eye brown done
got herself a make-up

and today in town
i saw many many friend of mine then i didnt see them for a Long Long Time~

till around 11+
we walk over to cathey
wait for ailing to help andrea pierce her lips

this guy is ailing

our camera woman =x

wait till around 8+
went home
look at this stupid vincent

reach home 10+
cant fall asleep
then at 1.30 i got a appointment
got this hair done from 1.30 till 6pm
AND pls. this is not a gal
is a boy

never sleep for 31hours le
i go watch tv le.

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13.06.2008 friday
went to eat dinner with ZhuZhuYun and kaiyang for dinner at boss
should have another invite guess for the dinner de
but too bad he/she cant make it for the dinner. due to he/she have to work
so sad =(

after dinner the 3of us took a train down to cine
to meet the others
bought movie ticket. that stupid show, zohan!!
while waitin for the show.
ben, andrea and derrick went down to lan shop to find kenneth for awhile
kelvin went to eat dinner himself
while me, yunyun, kaiyang and vincent find some place to sit and relax

after movie yunyun and kaiyang went home 1st.
while we jam at cine
nothing better to do, take picture~

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my blog
Please View My Blog At
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people whos out with me everyday. Read This!
got home quite sometime ago.
cant get to sleep again
though didnt sleep yesterday

today went to tantric
roy dad celebrate his birthday there again

was quite piss off
he ask max to get there by 10.30 but not me

than he got drunk in play
went missin with max.
left us inside play
play m.i.a
max text me and tell me that daddy just wanna be alone
alone??? max sitting beside you call alone?

if that person is brian layss nicole jie etc.
i lan lan. let you cool down
but a "outsider"

you people out there

in my circle there is another small circle
those are my family

My Family :
Roy Monster Layss Brian Nicole Sadness

My Clique :
Kenneth Andy Calli Andrea Delong Lionel BenBen Dexter

Those people whos out with my Clique :
Max Weihao Gary Derrick Joven Fiona

Look. anything that happen in my family.
even my clique de people get into it.
i will get angry over it already
because i am than their son, korkor, didi.
anything happen
i'm able to handle it
if you're even out of my clique
dont even bother!
because you are of out the range to care.

you people are just spoiling our relationship.
because of you people. i've not been smiling
i've been quarrelin with roy and monster

people in my clique.
dont forget. most of your are been pick by me and put into my group.
without me.. you guys cant be today de you

dont wanna name out.
just bear in mind!
without me.. you might get beaten up already
you are still sitting with "benji" outside cine.
have to report to him when you reach town

i got nothing to say about delong
because he feel greatful that
i bring him so many many friends

if i'm able to save you out from benji hands.
put you into my OWN groups
i'm able to bring you back to where you 1st came from

you just dream of than you're able to know roy and monster
gettin BIG birthday present from my daddy?

roychow is my daddy.
if not yours.
maybe is just a small little things

because you people are around.
my dad feels that. having you guys around. i dont have to be around.

i get jealous easily.
you should know.

it has reach my limit.
thats why i'm writing all this here.

when it reach a point.
i'm askin you to leave my clique.
whoever gotta side you.
just go ahead and leave.
even if he is andy.
just take him with you

i am very tired le.
if i can turn my time back.
i will never never had intro you people to my daddy.
my group shell just stay as me roy monster and imran!
a family!

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Happy New Year
Happy New Year to everyone

Here's some picture of who are those people i see when 2007 turn 2008

AhZai korkor

ahzai korkor de realblood didi

Meow Meow

See DeLong

Calli Mei

Piggy Dexter

Andrea Mei


Imran Dear


BenZhu de Didi





Andy Yim



Last But Not Least

Monster Baobei

here's a video of the Fireworks
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cant fall asleep
Bored Bored~

cant fall asleep
so went to on my lappy
play dota and play 2moon.

alone at home again.
donno why mummy went to malaysia for so many days and just left me at home
lucky today sister at home
if not i scare =X

is morning le.
went to the living room with my lappy
ask my maid cook me breakfast
found that why my living is in orange.
my light is white light lei.
look out the window.
damn nice la.

Nice sky yeah??

eating my breakfast
talking to dada online now
si dada show me porn.
those BIG c0ck
OMG la.
is not 12inch lei.
is like 20+inch lor
their cum like no need money de.
i dont belive that is real
i'm eating breakfast and show me those staff!

donno why i cant sleep
have to meet roy dad in the noon la can

am i changing again???
feeling damn lonely inside
though there's so many of them by my side everyday.
but.. well

a smile on the face might not mean that the person is happy
always remember.

is not only 1 sided love is painful
2person in love and cant be together due to some reason,
its very painful too.

i know how you feel.
but i just cant live without you.

i'm trying my best to step out le.
and i'll try harder. =)

i know we will never be together for sure.
but that stupid Terry keep lying to himself
HAHA. isnt that funny

shell stop here.
going to play back my games

Love my clique

Roy Daddy
Monster BaoBei
Lionel "DiDi"
Brian Sister
Kenneth Laopo
Andy Laogong
Layss Darling
Delong "Cmi Kor"

And some others

Calli Mei
Andrea Mei
Derrick Di
Dexter "???"
Max BoyFriend
BenBen "???"

I see you guys everyday and i will never feel tired =)
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Cant belive i do it
Went shopping today
Got 2Shirt from Zara

Got a shorts from garcon

a pants from jeanperrie

jam at lan shop.

folo delong home to get his car.
was a bad day today
at lan shop something happen
already spoil my mood.

went to eat at lao-pa-sa
that auntie got attitude problem.
keep kpkb.
i got no mood for anything
gary was the one kp
than she trying to take a bowl to put the soup in.
than all the bowl fall towards me.
so i try to hold it.
end up it fall backwards to the auntie.
meaning to say all the bowl going to fall back into the soup.
and the auntie is selfish enough.
she hit all the bowl and they just fly to me..
one of the bowl is with soup in there.

everyone tot that i will kp that auntie.
but i got no mood for anything
i just went off get car key from delong.
and went to change.
come back everyone give me a face like i'm gotta eat someone up like that.
pls. i know i got attitude problems.
very kp.
but i got no mood for anything.
sit down wanna see.
i saw chilli.
and i went back to ask the auntie to change 1 for me.
everyone look at me.
tot i will kp.
i did kp but not as in quarrel.

go back to table eat.
too bad.
no mood eat le.
PLUS! the meat is not cook!!
dont want eat le.
just diam diam sit down

got home i just cant sleep

was thinking about finding a name and a list of people in my clique
delong and i was thinking about the name.
and he gave me a name. "Ahtas"
and the people who will be in this group are

Roy Terry Brian
Monster Kenneth Layss
Delong Lionel Andy
this people are For Sure..

Dexter Ben Calli
Nicole Sadness
Have to think..

But after i got home.
i think back again.
its kind of childish..
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